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Caribbean & Soul Food Menus

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Cater your Private Dinner party for 4 to 8 people for as little as $125.00

Caribbean Food


Fritters: made with codfish and ripe banana

Featival: A slightly sweet crispy cornmeal Dumpling

Plantain: Deep fried

Side Dishes

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Rice and Beans: A Jamaican mainstay with special seasonings, kidney beans and coconut milk.

Seasoned Rice

Plain Rice

Sautéed Vegetables: Cabbage, Carrots onions, tomatoes all sautéed with special care.

Macaroni & Cheese

Ja Pepperpot Beef Spinach, Coconut Milk, orkra, plenty of spices (can be vegetarian)

Fish Tea: Spicy soup capturing the taste of the sea.



Curry Chicken: Traditional curry and other spices with the West Indies flair.

Brown Stew Chicken Braised Chicken stew to perfection with chef’s special herbs and spices

Brown Stew Chicken or Beef: Tradition blend of seasonings including curry

Jerk Chicken Hot and Spicy uniquely Jamaican Marinated Chicken using Scotch
Bonnet hot peepers (jerk wings available)

Fricassee ChickenSauteed and stewed down with bell pepers and tomatoes

Bar-B-Fried Chicken Succulent deep fried chicken serve with Chef;s secret Bar-be-que sauce

Escovitch Chicken: Boneless Chicken braised and topped with chef’s own escovitch

Meat Dishes

Stew Mango Beef


Curried Goat

Seafood Dishes

Curry Fish
Escovitch Fish ( whole or filletBrown Stew Fish (whole)
Jerk Salmon (fillet)


Rum Cake: Jamaican pound cake; baked and glazed with dark Jamaican Rum
Natural Juices

Soul Food

Fried Chicken/Pollo FritoBaked

Smothered chicken/Pollo al Orno o Giando

Baked or Fried Fish/Pescado Frito o al Orno

Smothered Pork Chops/Chuleta de Puerco en Giando

Vegetable Plate/ Plato de VegetalsOxtails/Colilas de Res

Babay Back Ribs Full or Half Slab

Beef brisket

Ribs (beef or Pork)

Links (Chicken)

Rib Tips

Side Dishes

String Beans

Macaroni & Cheese

Red beans

Mashed Potatoes

GreensSteamed cabbage

Candied Yams

Corn & Okra

Corn Bread Dressing & BBQ Beans



Peach Cobbler

Sweet Potatoe Pie

Assorted Cakes

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